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Delta County Medical Services

Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH)

Delta County has the lowest healthcare costs of any county in Colorado! Through excellent management, the administration of Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) have reduced costs significantly - and have passed these savings on to the business community, allowing for as much as a 22% savings on insurance costs to the consumer.

The Board of Directors of the Delta County Memorial Hospital feels so strongly about maintaining quality care while keeping costs down that they have adopted a "Patient Satisfaction Guarantee." It is their belief that the patients who seek health care services from Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) should expect to receive safe, competent, cost-effective care that is a good value for the consumer.

Their guarantee states:

"If you have a problem with any aspect of your care while at Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH), you should contact hospital administration at (970) 874-2229, Monday through Friday. If, after discussing your problem with the Hospital Administration, they are unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction prior to leaving the hospital, you won't receive a bill for those services."

These cost savings have been maintained even through the building of a new hospital in 2004. The initial capacity of the hospital will be 49 beds, with an additional 51 beds being added during Phase 2 of construction. The hospital is 95,000 square feet and cost approximately $17 million dollars to build, with over $6 million dollars of new equipment. Financing of the hospital construction was made possible through the sale of tax-exempt revenue bonds.

The new hospital has aided in attracting many world-class physicians and surgeons to the Delta County area. Seeking both a modern facility to work from as well as a greatly improved quality of life were some of the reasons these physicians have chosen to make Delta County their new home.

The JCAHO-accredited hospital includes residents specializing in orthopedic surgery, general surgery, internal medicine, radiology, urology, ophthalmology, chemotherapy, pathology and sleep disorders. The healthcare facilities are extensive, incorporating general medical care with diagnostic radiology, laboratory service, physical therapy, MR, CAT scanning, nuclear medicine, diagnostic studies, echocardiography and ultrasound diagnostic testing. Additionally, Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) provides care for individuals who are home-bound.

St Mary's Hospital & Medical Center

The largest hospital on the Western Slope is St. Mary's in Grand Junction, a licensed facility with 346 beds, with a Level II Trauma Center with Air Life emergency transport service and a Level II Neonatology Center. They also offer a full range of psychiatric services, dialysis, open heart surgery, and a comprehensive oncology clinic. (970) 244-2273

Community Hospital

Community Hospital is a licensed facility with 65 beds, provides the community with complete surgical services, 24-hour emergency care center, critical care unit, imaging center, full rehabilitative therapy services and a comprehensive occupational medicine program. (970) 242-0920

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center

Grand Junction VA Medical Center - A federal Veteran's health facility with 53 acute and long term beds, provides inpatient and ambulatory medicine, surgery and psychiatric services to all veterans. (970) 242-0731

Emergency Services

Delta County is equipped with a 911 system that routes calls to the Delta County Sheriff's Office, located in the City of Delta. The Delta Ambulance Service is a 24-hour, advanced life support service serving the City of Delta and surrounding areas. Should specialized critical care be needed, Flight For Life helicopter services are available from Delta County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) to St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, CO.

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